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7 things you must know about Apple's mixed-reality headset launch

MetaYeda #13 Watch Our AI Avatars explore the Future of AR and LOL moments

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another edition of the MetaYeda Newsletter, where I share some of the best Metaverse, gaming, and digital innovation news and ideas that I find interesting and inspiring.

In this MetaYeda edition, I bring you some fascinating things I've learned about augmented reality and the latest news you must know about Apple's new mixed-reality headset launch:

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7 things you must know about Apple's new mixed-reality headset launch.

1# Apple is expected to announce its mixed-reality headset, which may be called Reality Pro or XR Pro, at WWDC tomorrow, Monday, June 5th. The headset will reportedly offer virtual and augmented reality capabilities, using a "passthrough" system to switch between the two modes with a "reality dial."

2# The headset will likely be a premium device that will cost around $3,000 and include advanced features such as high-resolution screens, in-air typing, hand and eye control, iris scanning, and a magnetic charger.

3# The headset will target early adopters and enthusiasts interested in entertainment, education, productivity, gaming, and wellness applications.

4# The headset will be a precursor to Apple Glass, which is supposed to offer an "optical see-through AR experience".

5# Apple’s new headset will be powered by an M2 chip with 16GB of RAM and use an external battery pack that looks like a larger version of the MagSafe Battery Pack for the iPhone. As a result, it will likely face competition from Meta's Quest Pro and other VR/AR devices.

6# The AR market is booming and is expected to surpass a trillion dollars by 2032. A recent report by Precedence Research estimated that the global AR market was worth $40.12 billion in 2022 and would grow at a compound annual growth rate of 40.34% from 2023 to 2032. The main factors driving this growth are the widespread adoption of smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices and the increasing demand for AR applications in various industries such as gaming, retail, education, healthcare, and manufacturing.

7# AR can improve our shopping experience by providing personalized recommendations, virtual try-on, and instant feedback. For instance, imagine walking down the street and spotting a pair of shoes you like in a shop window. With AR glasses, you can scan the shoes with your eyes and get information about their price, availability, and reviews. You could also see how they would look on your feet and compare them with other options. AR could also help you find the best deals and discounts nearby or order online with a simple voice command.

In summary, Apple's Reality Pro headset will be a milestone for the next generation of the Internet, The Metaverse. It will inspire more innovation and competition. I can't wait to try it out and see what it can do.

LOL Moments with Bing AI.

I asked Bing AI to suggest a few Standup moments on Apple's new Mixed-Reality Headset launch. So watch our *AI avatars show and Enjoy.

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Credit: I've used D-ID, an AI platform, to create the avatars in this clip.

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